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The Chinese Medical Doctor Association primary healthcare training program started in Beijing

The Training Department of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association, in collaboration with AstraZeneca Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (China) launch, organized the National Standardization Training for Rural Doctors. On September 1, 2009, the launching ceremony of the training program was held in Ahn Jung-training base in Beijing. About 70 physicians from urban community clinics and 2nd-tier hospitals were selected for the Phase I training. Since its inception, the Chinese Medical Doctor Association has always attached great importance to the basic healthcare system in the urban and rural areas and has devoted much attention to the training of the rural and urban healthcare workers in China, particularly to the frontline village doctors in the rural areas. The Chinese Medical Doctor Association is actively promoting the establishment and development of the standardization training to improve the clinical skills and reinforce working ethics of the Chinese village doctors, to promptly accommodate the requirements of Chinese Healthcare system reform, and to effectively address the difficulties in getting primary medical care.


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