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The 6th Chinese Cosmetology and Orthopedic Surgeons Convention held in Hangzhou

On November 13, 2009, the 6th Chinese Cosmetology and Orthopedic Surgeons Convention, which was sponsored by the Chinese Medical DoctorsĄŻ Association, was held in the beautiful Xizi Lakefront at Hangzhou. During the convention, several hundred plastic surgeons from China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Europe, and the United States gathered at Hangzhou and discussed innovative developments in cosmetic surgery. This convention had, by far, the most number of people in attendance as well as the most number of discussed topics. The content of the discussion encompassed new surgical technologies pertaining to the cosmetic and orthopedic field. Of the many topics that were discussed, the international group of surgeons made interactions mainly on the new technologies in the field of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery that were applied to victims of natural catastrophes, the potential risks and methods of preventing them in the cosmetic surgery profession, as well as clinical studies in the area of interest.



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